Our quality and sustainability work

To live as we learn


To live as we learn. Our own sustainability work is governed by our management system that is certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Our environmental impact

We are a consulting company and our essential environmental impacts are found in our everyday office, in our purchasing, heating, electricity, service and commute. To address these environmental issues, we are primarily working to reduce our resource consumption, both inside and outside the office’s walls, through streamlining and by ending the cycle. Through energy-efficient technical equipment, minimization of printouts and travel, distance meetings to avoid unnecessary travel, recycling of materials, recycling of equipment, kitchen waste collected by the city for digestion into biogas, etc.

Our office

We select suppliers and technical solutions at the forefront of sustainability work and, wherever possible, certified through an eco-labeled. Coffee, milk and fruit are KRAV-labeled and, if possible, fair-traded. Our electricity is wind-based. For local engagements, bicycle or public transport is prioritized, environmentally friendly taxis when we are in a hurry, and nationally we choose the train. We try to avoid flying as much as possible. In our office we have LEDs, recycled office furniture and work with dedicated local carpenters for furniture making. In 2014, we were awarded the first prize in the Green Tenant Award for our environmental work at the office.

The company’s liquidity is located at the Ekobanken. This will benefit the bank’s lending to social and environmental initiatives.

We carbon offset

The greenhouse gas emissions we produce are compensated for by planting trees. This improves the environment and has a positive social and economic impact for the small farmers in the projects in Africa and South America that we are working with.

Our most significant impact on the planet’s sustainability is indirectly through the work with our customers. Therefore, we use a planetary index to follow up our projects in order to evaluate them from a sustainability perspective.

Our quality and sustainability policy are available here.

Our latest climate report is available here. Since 2011 we do an annual climate report in the calculation tool Our Impacts.

December 13, 2017