Our values

Consideration: To show consideration means to be caring and to give attention. It signifies to mean others well and wanting to see them succeed. Consideration also involves giving others feedback out of goodwill. We give high consideration to our work, meaning it is done with wisdom, prudence and with a clear purpose. Naturally, it also means that we show consideration for nature and our common Earth.

Consensus: To seek unity and harmony. Something that unites. It also means to want to know what others want and where they come from. Consensus is achieved when you get to know each other in depth. Consensus is not to be a yes-spokesman, but the contrary: everyone is encouraged to question and seek new ways.

Mutuality: To take advantage of everyone’s interests and show respect for each other. To be on the same level. We want to share our views and thoughts and we have justice as a benchmark. Mutuality means that everyone is listened to. Everyone’s voice counts and we realize that in order to get we have to give. It means interaction. Being mutual does not mean that alone is strong, but on the contrary it signifies that we need to dare to make ourselves depended on each other.

Transparency/openness: First of all it means that I am transparent. In transparency lies being honest with what you are doing and saying. To be clear so others understand what I mean. Of course this is also applies with our customers, we should be clear about what we stand for and what we propose. Transparency is the basis of trust. It is also serves to give notice, especially when one’s needs are not met. Being open is being available, being curious about what others want to say to me.

December 12, 2017