Services Monitoring & Evaluation Climate Reporting in Our Impacts

Our Impacts is a tool for small and large organizations that want to collect data about their sustainability work, calculate their carbon footprint and set ambitious climate targets. The tool is web-based and thus enables a decentralized data collection, suitable for companies spread all over the world and working in different languages. The tool works according to accounting principles and allows for auditors to perform audits directly in the program platform.

The tool generates reports on the company’s carbon footprint and compiles the results according to the requirements of the GHG Protocol or CDP, depending on your company needs.

We help you get started

Together we determine:

  1. Areas to be included, i.e., direct and indirect climate impacts and other sustainability data to be reported, as well as emission factors to be used.
  2. Number of reporting units, a breakdown based on organizational units, subsidiaries, product areas etc.
  3. Who should have access to submit data
  4. Reporting periods, which may be one, two or several times a year

Based on this information, we set up your account. After all data has been submitted, we perform a quality control of the submitted data. We can provide training in the use of Our impact for data reporters and the organization’s administrator. We also provide  support for data collection and data registration, if required.

Our Impacts - an Overview

The tool stores data and allows comparisons over time. It is also possible to compare different organizational units with each other (benchmarking). Key Performance Indicators are embedded in the tool, thus displaying results in both relative and absolute terms. You choose whether you want reports once a year, half-yearly or more often. Data collection and reporting are done according to the organizational structure chosen and can easily be divided into unlimited business areas, subsidiaries, departments, sales offices, factories etc. Especially for large organizations with geographic spread, it means that responsibility for providing climate data can be spread out. But it is also centralized because all data is merged with an administrator who has an overview throughout the data acquisition process. In this way, responsibility for the release of greenhouse gases are distributed and monitored. n matrix organizations it is especially important that measurements can follow responsibility for costs and revenues. It is also possible to make reports of emissions for subcontractors, distribution channels or use of company products. As a customer, you choose which areas should be included. Both direct and indirect emissions are measured, in all scopes (Scope 1, Scope 2, Scope 3). Our Impacts is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the most common international standard, developed by the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. The different greenhouse gases are automatically converted to carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e).

Because Our Impacts is web-based, greenhouse gases can be decentralized. For companies reporting to CDP or reporting sustainability reporting according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Our Impacts is a superb tool and is adapted to the questions asked. The same applies to all companies that are required by their customer companies to receive climate reports. Our Impacts report can be attached to quotes and offers.