A cost efficient alternative to decrease noise from traffic and increase the use of attractive areas as well as increase life quality for people in areas disturbed by traffic noise. A cheap and fast method to build surface tunnels that decreases traffic noise.

By incapsulating traffic and noise, new areas can be exploited for building alternatively the value of existing property can increase. For the common good, recreational areas will be less disturbed by traffic noise and there will be a possibility to build fast track bike lanes along densely trafficked roads, making biking a more competitive means of transportation for commuting.

The solution combines existing solutions to build cheaply and quickly, but still sustainably, with a new material with very good noise qualities. During the construction time the disturbances on traffic will be limited and if conditions change, the construction can be moved. Other positive aspects are that the outside of the tunnel can be used for solar energy solutions through thin film solar cells. Green walls and urban gardens can be placed on/ close to the tunnel and increase the visual attractiveness as well as making use of existing urban spaces. The aesthetic impression can be improved by printing patterns that contribute positively to the area on the outer cover and using colours that are fitting.