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Our mission is to help companies and organisations reduce their carbon footprints. We’re good at helping companies measure their footprints and we’re good at engaging companies in offsetting the emissions they can’t eliminate today.

Our customers are working to reduce their emissions and a report in 2015 by Ecosystems Marketplace (”The Bottom Line”) showed that companies that offset are often reducing their emissions faster than companies that don’t.

But our most recent customer survey revealed that we could do more to support emission reduction efforts. So this is the first of a series of monthly blogs that will share some suggestions. It’s something simple, which we do at our office.

February’s tip: separate food waste for collection and travel on buses fuelled by biogas. Read how here.

Separating food waste is easy and can reduce waste collection costs. Biogas is fossil-free, produced from waste products and locally-produced. By travelling on one of Stockholm’s growing fleet of biogas-fuelled buses the circle is completed.

Here are the numbers (courtesy of Stockholm Water):

  • each person in Sweden produces c.100 kg food waste per year
  • for 1 kg food waste converted into biogas and used in vehicles, 0.3kg CO2e emissions is avoided
  • a city bus can be fuelled from the the food waste of 3000 individuals

At our office we have a simple sorting system and the food waste is collected once a week by Stockholm Water. To hear about our experience, you’re welcome to call Claire Wigg on 070 225 8852.

To find out about the Stockholm Water’s collection service, contact

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