About us Consultants Amanda Möttönen


Meet the new consultant at U&We who is driven by a strong commitment to sustainability issues. In the autumn of 2019, I started at U&We as an intern and worked with the network Sustainable Restaurants and other customers in the food sector and the textile  industry. Within Sustainable Restaurants, I am a sustainability coach for a number of restaurants and hold workshops together with my colleagues.

I work with strategy and analysis for customers. In the future, I want to develop my skills in sustainability reporting and climate calculations. What I look forward to the most is to guide companies and help more people see the benefit of adjusting and taking a holistic approach to their sustainability work within the framework of U&We’s ambition of “planetnytta”.

From the University of Gothenburg, I have a degree in Global Studies with a focus on human ecology and have also studied courses in environmental management, CSR and sustainable food. Before U&We, I worked at Systembolaget and the Swedish Red Cross, where I worked with mapping textile flows within their second-hand business.

2020 marks U&We’s 25th anniversary and 10 years left until the UN Sustainable Development Goals should be achieved – let’s do this!


Direkt: 073 262 51 99
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