About us Consultants Amanda Möttönen


I have been a consultant at U&We since 2020. What drives me to work with sustainability issues is the emergent situation we are in and to do my part to live within the boundaries of the planet. To make wise choices in my everyday life, to be a part of companies’ transformation through my work at U&We and to influence people around me.

At U&We, I work with climate calculations, sustainability reporting, coaching, education, sustainability strategies and various types of environmental analysis. I want to guide and encourage companies to see the benefits of taking a holistic approach to their sustainability work. 

From Gothenburg University, I have a degree in Global Studies and have also studied courses in environmental management, CSR and sustainable food. Before U&We, I worked at Systembolaget and the Swedish Red Cross, where I worked with mapping textile flows within their second-hand business.


Direkt: 073 262 51 99
+46 (0)73 262 51 99