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A sustainability-driven business development has been Peters focus for over a couple of decades. Peter has the ability to take sustainability issues into business development so that it benefits both the business, the planet and the people involved. In addition to change processes and other management issues, he is also an experienced expert in environmental and sustainability analyzes and assessments. Food & Agriculture and Green building & Urban planning are Peter’s main areas. Since he founded U&We already in 1995, he has gained a long and extensive experience as to what can boost companies and businesses to success both in business and in sustainability.

Prior to 1995, he was coordinator of environmental and development projects in Brazil for three years after being the head of the community planning department at K-Konsult where he worked for five years. Prior to that, he worked on Nordplan with research and investigations in transport and the environment. Sustainability and justice for those who have tougher were something that already came with the mother’s milk.


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