About us Consultants Cecilia Näsman


Securitas, Rototilt


My main capacity lays within social and financial sustainability. During my many years in the financial industry I have moved from merchant banking to development financing, from focusing on financial results to social return. At U&We, my assignments often include both developing sustainable business strategies and Science based targets, as well as non-financial reporting such as sustainability reporting, CDP, TCFD and Global Compact.

I have a degree in Business Administration and Economics from Uppsala University, and throughout my professional life I have had the opportunity to work with international companies and organizations, which has broadened my competences within among other things trade, supply chains and microfinance. I am an experienced board member and have served on the bords of financial companies, as well as NGOs. Today, I am chairman of the board of U&We, and also a board member of Sveland Djurförsäkringar. If there is time left, I go skiing, passionately.



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