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In my experience reading good fiction is a great way to get new perspectives, to be transported somewhere else into someone else’s life and to look out on the world with their eyes (as explained in this article). With increasing social divisions and polarisation in the western world this seems more important than ever before.

So perhaps you’d like to give books as Christmas presents this year. And the good news is that this is becoming easier to do within the Circular Economy. My suggestions for where to buy:

  1. Bokbörsen: an online store with over 3 million books on sale from individuals. The advantage of this service is that you can easily search for the book you want via the website.
  2. Charity shops: in Stockholm Myrorna and Stadsmissionen. Although there’s no guarantee you’ll find exactly what you’ll looking for, there are plenty of books in good condition available.

Claire Wigg



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