Blogg Lucka 21: A Christma...

With Christmas just a couple of days away, I’m guessing you’ve already sorted out sustainable present-giving and planned low-emission travel. Perhaps you’ve followed some of the advice in our Advent blogs on how to arrange a people- and planet-friendly Christmas.

But, maybe the food isn’t yet prepared. So there’s still time to make good choices.


To choose people- and planet-friendly food we can look to the Planetary Boundaries and Sustainable Development Goals for guidance. What kinds of food will …

  • Reduce poverty
  • Reduce deforestation
  • Preserve biodiversity
  • Promote good health and well-being
  • Promote decent work
  • Reduce pollution
  • and so on?

Fortunately the answer is relatively simple since we can respond to many of these challenges with the same types of food. This is my Christmas recipe:

Organic + Vegetarian + Fairly-traded

Inspiration is readily available on the internet. Bon appetit!

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