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Pokémon GO has hardly gone by unnoticed. Everywhere people of all ages are looking for “em’”, trying to catch all the virtual Pokémons placed around the world. Every day the game “Pokémon GO” engages smartphone users around the globe more than any social-media app, such as Twitter, WhatsApp, or Messenger. On average we spent 42 minutes per day in-game, trying to collect new Pokémons, evolving them and gaining experience levels as “Trainers”.

However, meanwhile growing our Pokémon GO skills we also achieve real-world changes. News are reporting on accidents , tech-blogs talking about the viral success of the game  and the funny, scary and sometimes just stupid unintended effects of the game on society.

While the economic success of the app is clear, the environmental impacts of the game are not as straight forward. What is the environmental impact of all these walking people, or Pokémon Trainers, that some 90 million people around the world have become?

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