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One way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to buy products made from recycled or reclaimed materials rather than new material ie items produced in the Circular Economy. For this Advent season I’m gathering suggestions for gifts available in Sweden.

Today’s suggestion is from the fashion industry. According to a new report published by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the total greenhouse gas emissions from textiles production – 1.2 billion tonnes annually – exceeds the emissions from all international flights and maritime shipping combined.

So for tights-lovers, I suggest Elin by Swedish Stockings.

Elin tights are made from a yarn called Econyl which is generated from nylon in abandoned fishing nets harvested from the sea.

Econyl is also used in handbags, cars, carpets, swimwear and more. For those interested in all the details there’s even a published Environmental Product Declaration.

Why not give the oceans a present this Christmas, as well as your loved one?

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